Founder Message

We enter 2008 on a positive note with a new corporate image to reflect more maturity and confidence after 21 years of operation.

The company has taken the bold step of restructuring our corporate identity and product branding to help us tap a bigger share of the MLM market and to gain better public recognition towards achieving a place on the first board of Bursa Malaysia in the next few years.

Thus, we now have a new corporate logo to project a more consumer-friendly and dynamic image as well as a re-branding of our product range, with distinctive colour schemes and brand names: Caelygirl (lingerie). Caelypure (cosmetics and skincare), Caelyhealth (health supplements) and Caelyhome (home care). To further boost our market share, we have also come out with a special programme for bumiputra entrepreneurs, which we call Agenda Bumiputra Cemerlang (ABC Programme).

At the same time, we will continuously update our website - and have opened a toll-free helpline Caelycare : 1-800-88-2235 to provide distributors and consumers with the necessary help and information to further promote their Caely business.

However, I would like to remind you that these changes and improvements are only to support and foster your growth. Your real success would entirely depend on your own effort- how you positively accept the changes and how you use your personal talents to achieve your personal goals in the Caely business.

I wish you the best of success and a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009. See you at the TOP.